Thursday, April 13, 2006


Yesterday the DoubleClick San Francisco cohorts gathered at the local watering hole "The Ramp" to wish a fond farewell to Laura Burkhart. After a gaping 7 years, Laura is leaving DoubleClick to join the new and exciting opportunities that lay ahead for

Burkie was joined by several other all-star guests from DoubleClick NY as well as some DoubleClick alums, including:

  • Falkers Joe Apprendi and Peter Fernquist from NY
  • Newly graduated alumnus Jason Washing along with newest family member William aka "The Dude" and wife Candace
  • Recent alum grads Robert "Jacky" Jackson, Brian Ledoux (a bit sick but still made the showing) and Patrick Dowley.
  • NY clickers Jocelyn Hayashi, Shane Peros, and Damian De Virgilio
  • Kirk Crookham represented Thornton in full effect.
  • Laura's coworkers before DoubleClick when she worked at KPMG

A great time was had by all, and even the sun came out for a guest apparance.

We wish Laura the best of luck in her new gig! Best of luck and don't forget about us! - The management